HELIX_NickyJanseHELIX was founded in 2014 by Nicky Janse, an ambitious and young designer from Belgium. With a passion for design and technology, he started experiencing with his very own 3D printer. This gave him the ability to carry out his designs, from beginning to end, from idea to creation to the final print in 3D.

By making use of this new technology, these exclusive items are now at everyones reach. Each product is home-made, home-printed and resembles a unique authenticity. The inspiration for the designs is drawn from a plethora of geometric shapes and figures. The products are printed in PLA, a type of plastic that is made up of 100% all-natural materials. As a result, the products are eco-friendly and light allthewhile being very sturdy. All of the above make it enjoyable to wear HELIX jewelry.

Our mission is to create obstinate, 3D printed designs. With HELIX we want to integrate 3D products into everyday life in an innovative and creative manner. We want to do so for every way of life, suiting each personal style and vision– most notably for those, who much like our jewelry, enjoy looking sleek, yet are missing a few rough edges.